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Have you heard of a one-armed bandit? How about the fruit machine? No, we are not talking about some yesteryear's robber who unleashed a reign of terror in spite of his solo arm. And the machine we speak of doesn't dispense fruits, even though we might very much like a machine to do so. Here, we are making a reference to the slot machine that was invented across the pond during the late 1800s. With time, its popularity seeped into Britain. Pokies, that's what gamers called these machines which provided them with an adrenaline rush and a chance of hitting the jackpot with just a coin.

When Pokies Went Live – Playing Slots Online

Fast forward to the present day, now the gaming world has totally metamorphosed. Though those one-armed bandits are still holding their grounds in land-based casinos, you can also find wide variety of slot online games so that you can spin to your heart's content without the noisy environment of a casino. As most of the good bingo sites like Landmark Bingo also host plenty of slot games which come in dizzying array of themes, you can now take them for a spin (pun intended). Here at Landmark Bingo, we have 40 colourful slots and counting for you under a roof of slot games lobby, to keep you captivated and delighted.

Spinning the reels and getting big payouts becomes even more interesting when you get back some cash bonus on your losses of your deposits. Yes at Landmark Bingo, this is absolutely possible on Tuesdays and Saturdays with the amazing cash back offer we bring to you.

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