30-ball game is one of the more recent variants of Bingo. It is also known as 'Speed Bingo' as the game usually lasts for a considerably short while with only 30 numbers to be called and 9 to be covered.

This bingo game gets as interesting as addictive it is, not to mention the quickness. Most of the times, every player participates in continuous sessions more than once, given the high probability of winning the Progressive Jackpots (PJP).

Don't know what PJP is? Let us explain it to you – Most of these online Bingo games have a simultaneous Progressive Jackpot going on with each game. Chances of winning these PJPs are usually very slim. But, of course, it is so for a reason – the unbelievably huge prize amount! Every PJP has a number of calls mentioned along with its prize amount. It implies nothing but the number of calls at which one needs to win that particular game in order to be the rare (or rather the luckiest) winner of PJP. Let's say, the PJP of a game requires 30 calls – this means that IF you win this game within 30 calls, you win the PJP. And, if one considers the prize these PJPs offer, they are worth all the wait!

Owing to the short duration of this game, the frequency at which it is played in a set time period is quite high. The higher the number of bingo games one can play in a time-frame, the higher their probability to win progressive jackpots. Therefore, if you are aiming primarily at PJPs, the 30-ball game is your best bet as it makes more sense. This is an advantage of playing 30-ball bingo game that no other Bingo version offers.

Moving on to playing the game, it consists of 30 numbered balls. Each card is designed with a 3 x 3 grid in which each column is numbered randomly in the following pattern -

  • 1st column – 1-10
  • 2nd column – 11-20
  • 3rd column – 21-30
  • As usual, you simply need to purchase tickets online to get into the game. And, from there on, sit back and watch while your game is taken care of by our auto-daubing machine. The game begins with Random Number Genrator displaying numbers on the screen, and the tickets are auto-daubed accordingly. You win if you're the first player to cover all the numbers in a single ticket. Yes, it is as simple as that!

    Although this version of Bingo is too interesting to get bored easily, we have chat rooms available for our players just in case. You're sure to have fun socializing with our fun chat hosts and other online players. Besides, these chat rooms keep conducting fun games every now and then that gives our players some extra chances to win exciting prizes. So, keep chatting away for more wins!